EXHIBITION & European Researchers Night EVENT-
Great North Museum, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 23- 27 September 2019

Exhibition Elements:
Aroma boxes containing modified micro-organisms, box containing fluorescent GMO and beta-carotene GMO yeast, products of modified micro-organisms, laser-cut panels, laser-cut cards, screen work and print.

Screen images:
Exhibition element

Event / Participatory Elements: Algae oil tasting & bottle labelling
Algae oil created by GMO algae, laser-cut panels & stands and algae oil labels.

Green lab, London, 31 October 2019

Workshop Elements:
a. Portable library kit containing GMO micro-organism’s, key, laser-cut cards and access panel.
b. Recipe perspex disc and worksheets.

Website: https://www.microfoodlibrary.org/library