Patra v2.0+

Resilience recipes

Patra, [meaning leaves, Gujarati] a savoury steamed dish made from leaves, gram flour and spices was originally created in British Kenya by ‘free’ and indentured Gujarati Indian’s that migrated to the East African British Colony between 1920 – 1963.

Faced with a new and unfamiliar land, the Gujarati’s utilised local ingredients including- Colocasia esculenta known as taro to create patra. The Gujarati’s later brought Patra to the U.K. when East African countries gained independence from British Imperial Rule during the 1960’s.

Traveling through British Colonial Imperialism, PATRA v 2.0 is an updated version of the traditional dish. Inspired by the resistance in Dandi Gujarat against the British salt monopoly during 1930 when salt, a basic necessity was heavily taxed and monopolised. Exchanging the Kenyan Colocasia for salty seaweed, PATRA v 2.0 becomes a decolonised version of the dish symbolising resilience and adaption for the contemporary challenges of climate change and food insecurity.

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