Supporting Evidence: E-Number | Organism Library

Project: E-Number | Organism Library
Applicant: Sneha Solanki
Date: 2018


Great North Museum: Hancock



• micro_micro, 2 Degrees Festival, Arts Admin, London. 2017
  A to Z Unit / Sneha Solanki in collaboration with Alexia Mellor

  A 5 day participatory event micro-prospecting in 2017 and again in 2067 with guest artist/chef collaborators Blanch & Shock.


• micro_bar, ArtHouses North Tyneside. 2017
  A to Z Unit / Sneha Solanki

  Tonics, Cocktails and Beverages created by wild, domesticated & migratory micro-organsims giving a bio-regional taste of a place. Part of a 2-day event of art in peoples homes.


• micro_cooking club, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 2017
  A to Z Unit / Sneha Solanki

  The cooking club construct recipes in 2067 with microbial fermented flavours & fragrances with L-ink, young (16-25) arts-based group.


• Invisible Tour, Great north museum: Hancock,Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 2016
  A to Z Unit- pilot. A to Z Unit / Sneha Solanki in collaboration with Alexia Mellor

  A team of super-sniffers uncovered the microscopic organisms responsible for turning water into wine.


Alexia Mellor

• Making Sense
  Participatory lead for the Barcelona hub of a European wide citizen science project which works with citizens to map pollution.
  Partners also include Amsterdam and Kosovo, 2015- 2017.



  A speculative climate change project as an exploration of life in a time of climate change between Berwick and Barcelona, 2016.