EATING: De Culinaire Werkplaats

De Culinaire Werkplaats

Food design workspace

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cocktail vincent– prosecco + absinth + lemon

hayfield  potato flatbread + pumpkin seed oil, artichoke, hay

woman lifting potatoes marinated black potato, black carrot, beetroot blossoming stones pumpkin, white beans, sushi rice, spices, micro greens

vase with flowers fennel, aubergine, tomato, chives, cauliflower, black beans, wheat

wheatfield with reaper lemon, tapioca, spices, mint, apricot painting by numbers dark chocolate, prunes, grapes, black olive, pear, lemon, black cherries

Interactive dinner in courses based on and inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. The menu was led by references from specific paintings which were enacted as actions throughout the edible courses. An absinth cocktail and smoked hay introduction opened the meal as a sensory taste of vincents life; potatoes baked in clay involved some labour to refer to the painting ‘woman lifting potatoes’; tapioca curls scooped foam as a ‘reaper in a wheatfield’ would; ‘painting by numbers’ involved scraping chocolate from a wall onto a plate of filled shells of textured fruits, revealing facts from vincents life.